The best attractions of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Of all the sea side cities within the Canary Islands with amazing landmarks, parks, and beaches, which leaves many impressed- one select city has just about all that wrapped into one. In the article below- we’ve compiled a list of best places to visit in Tenerife.

Puerto Del Carmen GGran Canaria

Here you will find six major beach resorts. The south of Gran Canaria has exotic golden beaches. They are located between Playa de san Agustin and Puerto de Mogan; here are the best places for people who love sun basking. Maspalomas is most popular beach and the largest. It is the best at any time of the day. It has a line of restaurants, cafes, and shops; and even the painted umbrellas make the beach’s look even more beautiful. In this place you will find sand dunes which are as high as 10 meters, constantly formed by sea and wind. You can trek around these dunes, but the most interesting adventure is to climb a sand dune for a lurching ride through this exotic dunescape.

Timafanya Park, Lanzarote

This is the park with recent volcanic history in Spain. The volcanoes eruption took place in the year 1730 to 1736; it covered the island with molten lava and ash burying 11 villages. People left the island but after the volcano farmers resumed to cultivate the ash covered land with new techniques. Volcanic landscapes are seen in this park, for you to believe this spectacular scene, you need to see it. Here you will find terrain with molten lava still moving beneath it At Islote de Hilario cone of volcanic you will experience heat beneath your shoes.

Works of Manrique

Tenerife Beaches BThis is the artist who designed and built series of attraction in this island. The attractions include: Jameos del Ague, restaurant and swimming pool built inside a volcanic bubble; Mirador del Rio, a scene high above the sea; Taro de Tahiche his house built on series of volcanic bubbles; Monumento al campeniso, handcraft gallery and any more. This feature leaves many who’ve seen it in person totally impressed.

Tenerife Beaches

These are most developed beaches they are located at south coast. Tenerife beaches best suited for family visits, they have numerous holiday homes, sports and plenty resort hotels. Example the El Medano is the best surfing beach you can get in Tenerife for those who love surfing.

San Cristobal de la Laguna

This is a popular city with charming culture; it is listed by UNESCO World Heritage Site because of unique cultural heritage. It was the capital city of all Canary Islands; it has spectacular scenes include Renaissance, Neoclassical churches, mansions built in 17th century and cathedral.

La Oratave

La Oratave SThis has been recognized as a National Historic-Artistic site amazing valley of banana plantation. It has ancient architectural old homes. They include Casa de los Balcones, Iglesia de Nuestra senora de la conception with two bell tower, Hijuela del Botanico with more than 3000 unique rare flowers This is a must see place.

Loro Park

The most popular tourist attraction sites in Canary islands is this wildlife park. Loro park is among the world largest collection of parrots and dolphinarium. Here you will see huge penguin habitat, bat cave, lions, crocodile and many other animals.

Caldera de Taburiente Park

This is the greenest park in Canary Islands. Here volcanic peaks rise to 2,400 meters and lava flowing into the sea. The park has also waterfalls and streams quite fine to see. Santa Cruz de la palms This is beautiful seaside town with best seafront in canary islands. Iglesia del Salvador, the town hall with painted altarpiece and mudejar ceiling is one of the interesting features in this town that are must watch.

Puerto Del Carmen

This is the largest tourist town; it has sandy beaches with calm trees covering more than six kilometers. It has wide selection of restaurants and hotels. It hosts religious festival the first two weeks of August to honor patron saint of the village.