Your #1 Canary Island Destination

Tenerife shores GIf you are looking for a holiday destination with sun, sea and sand Canary Island is a perfect destination. A quiet island with its own delight can be the best choice for a holiday. Most people choose Tenerife shores for its good weather throughout the year. Tenerife offers variety with small villages, huge towns and wonderful beaches. It is a budget friendly holiday destination.

In Tenerife there is much more to enjoy than just a usual holiday package. A beautiful destination with natural landscapes and hiking. Enjoy the good weather, greener scenery and blue water worth visiting. Local people with friendly and warm hospitality will make this vacation a memorable one. This Island carries a very interesting nightlife with night clubs and casinos. On a vacation its highly recommended to enjoy every bit of it In casinos you get to enjoy that adrenaline rush with sophisticated service. Enjoy the unique experience of gaming and music when added with some fortune you will have an unforgettable experience. Have fun and get lucky there.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Most of the nightlife you will get to see in Santa Cruz De Tenerife where you can spend a wonderful time with an amazing dinner and great board games. It has 3 casinos with many machine games and table games.

Casino Playa De Las Americas

Casino Playa De Las Americas is located in grant Tenerife, is a grand property with breathtaking sea view. Along with wonderful ambience it offers an exciting gaming experience. You can play American roulette, Blackjack and poker that offers an endless fortune. You can live your best and try your luck their.

Casino De Santa Cruz GCasino De Santa Cruz

Casino De Santa Cruz is located in one of the prime location, in the Hotel Mencey. A great location, with eye catching view carries all the positive vibes and opens a world of opportunities. It also offers live music, modern art and international shows. Hotel Mencey is a 5 star hotel with 4 floors, it has 3 restaurants and bars offering delicious food and lovely drinks to keep your spirit high. You can enjoy a variety of local delicacies and outstanding wine and cocktails.

These casinos offer a lavish slot games and table games that keep you hooked for good. They are the perfect place to enjoy a great meal and play hard. With a variety of spa treatments you get to rel. and bounce back. They have all the latest technology in the fitness rooms and spa. You can also enjoy indoor and outdoor games with family to uplift your mood.

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Canary island a part of Spain is altogether a wonderful all season holiday destination. Whether you want a fun holiday, a peaceful beach or an adventurous hiking it offers all These islands have all the facilities that you won't miss anything. You get to enjoy Canarian cultural events and food delicacies. They have Spanish lifestyle with colorful streets. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a prime city with huge shopping malls and remarkable architecture.

To wrap up if you plan a holiday to the Canary Islands, then you get to enjoy beautiful nature, weather along with fun nightlife. Away from usual life you get to enjoy something new that will create unforgettable memories.